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Please Note: This upgrade is only available for Onefinity CNC customers where their unit has not yet shipped. If your unit has alreay shipped. Please go to the upgrade page.


This is the 1610 Ball Screw Version


Important: Cutting Area of 32.125"


The X-50 Woodworker is an upgraded X Axis for your existing Onefinity Woodworker CNC. Featuring large 50mm Hollow Linear Motion Shafts for great rigidity (up to 2.5X the rigidity when compared to the original with the Stiffy), A Larger Stepper Motor with up to 40% more torque and 1610 Ball Screw.


Check out the X-50 Promo Video here:


Check out our installation video here. Coming Soon...

Upgrade to X-50 Woodworker - 1610 Ball Screw (Orders not yet shipped)

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