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New Onefinity Elite Masso myWorkshop Phone App!

Masso is excited to announce the launch of the new MASSO myWorkshop Phone App, offering live controller view on your mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Now offering real-time tracking of job progress, alert notifications, and the unique ability to receive tailored remote messages via the MSG command embedded in your G-code files.

Additionally, we’re introducing the same live controller view feature on our desktop, simply login to your MASSO myWorkshop using any browser.


The phone apps are available for download from Apple App and Google Play stores. We are currently in a Beta phase for the next three months, and your feedback during this period is crucial to help us refine and improve the experience.

Following the Beta phase, the remote monitoring features will transition to a nominal annual subscription model. This subscription will not only grant access to the remote monitoring features across multiple devices but will also include regular software updates for your controllers and seamless integration with the myWorkshop desktop application, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient control experience.

Enjoy your free trial and experience the convenience of seamless control with MASSO, both on your mobile and desktop.

To use this feature, you must be one firmware 5.07 on your Masso! (5.06 or lower will not work)

For more from MASSO, see what’s new at or email them at

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