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This listing is for those that currently have a Woodworker sized (32x32) QCW and want to upgrade it to a Journeyman sized (48x32) QCW.

This listing is for the Secure from Below style QCW.


Kit Includes:

  • 1X front Journeyman tube
  • 1X back Journeyman tube
  • 2X t track rails
  • All additional hardware (8x long bolts for t-track)
  • 26 screws for below


*You are not required to return any unused parts from this kit as it is not part of the IPP program*


Important Note: T-Track works with 1/4-20 Hex Head Bolts. Clamps that use a different size Bolt may not work with the T-Track.  1/4-20 Hex Head Bolts can be found here:


QCW Manual can be found here: QWC Manual


For more info please check out the QCW Frame promo video:


Note: MDF is not included. 


Installation Videos:

QCW Frame:

Creating Wasteboard:

Attaching your Onefinity CNC:

Woodworker to Journeyman QCW Upgrade Kit (Secure from Beneath)

  • Please note: You will be charged full price upon check out. 

    For more info please check out our QCW Frame video's:

    Please note: MDF is not included. 

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