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Important Note: QCW Frame not included and is required.


The Rolling-Folding Stand Leg Kit provides a very solid stand for your Onefinity Woodworder. Set-up & use your Onefinity anywhere. When not in use, it can be folded up and rolled out of the way, saving floor space. 


The Rolling-Folding Stand Leg Kit is perfect for small shops where having a dedicated space for your CNC isn't practical.


Machine Configurations that work with the Rolling Folding Stand:

  • Elite Journeyman
  • Elite Woodworker
  • PRO Journeyman
  • PRO Woodworker
  • Original Woodworker


The Elite Foreman is NOT compatible with the Rolling Folding Stand due to it's size and weight.  The Elite Foreman IS compatable with the fixed leg stand.


Rolling-Folding Stand Manual can be found here: Rolling-Folding Stand Manual


Check out the promo video here:

Check out the installation video here:


Caution: Due to the weight, the Rolling-Folding Stand may not be ideal for use with the any Onefinity Journeyman models. When using the Rolling-Folding Stand with the Journeyman models, two (2) people are required to unfold and fold the Rolling-Folding Stand.

Elite series users with the masso controller should remove the masso screen from the machine before folding it.  The controller can become disloged during folding and fall and is a very expensive item to replace.

Very Important: Unfolding the stand requires strength. If you are unable to safely dead  lift 100lbs, please get assistance! Please see dead lift standards here:

Rolling-Folding Stand Leg Kit

$397.25 Prix original
$367.46Prix promotionnel
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