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Important Note: QCW Frame not included and is required.


The wall mount is NOT compatible with any ELITE Series Machines.


A small shops dream!  The Wall Mount Kit provides the ability to hang your Onifinity CNC on the wall saving floor space.  The Wall Mount Kit is perfect for small shops where having a dedicated space for your CNC isn't practical.



  • .25" thick steel mounting bolts
  • Steel mounting bushings
  • Off-set handle (positioning the Onefinity at a 10 degree angle for easy material clamping)
  • All necessary hardware


The Wall Mount is compatible with:

  • Journeyman PRO
  • Woodworker PRO
  • Woodworker Original
  • Makita (or similar) Router


Check out the promo video here:



Must be installed into wood 2x4" (or larger) studs. Brackets are design to mount into wood studs spaced on 32" centers (standard framing)

The wall mount kit is only designed to use in one orientation. It must be hung with the x axis vertically. Hanging the machine with the y axis vertically will void your warranty and may produced undesired cutting results such as missed steps, etc.

The Onefinity wall mount kit is designed for the Makita router. Spindles (which are not technically supported by Onefinity) will require adjusting the idle current for the X motor axis from 1 amp to 2 amps to avoid axis drop.


Wall Mount Manual can be found here: Wall Mount Manual


Wall Mount System (compatible w/ Original & Pro Woodworker & Journeyman only)

  • Not compatible with Elite machines.

    Please note: You will be charged full price upon check out. 

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