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The Onefinity 3-Axis Touch Probe allows you to quickly and automatically Zero your CNC's X, Y, and Z axis or Z axis only. Our touch probe is manufactured by Triquetra a company that has been producing quality touch probes for years! Our probe is incredibly easy to setup, just plug it into the dedicated probe port on the back of the controller. No soldering, crimping or screwing required!


Plug and Play comptable with ALL Onefinity CNC machines including:

  • Elite Series
  • Pro Series
  • Original Series


Our touch probe is designed to probe the top right corner of the probe instead of the bottom left corner of the probe like some of the competitors. This is benefical in maximizing your CNC's cutting area as well as helping prevent damage to your cutter in case your connection gets interrupted. We also double probe each axis to ensure accuracy!

The touch probe can only be used to xy zero the bottom left of workpieces with the Original and Pro machines.

The touch probe can be used to xy zero all 9 positions of the workpieces with the Ellite Series.




A replacement probe wire can be purchased here:


Read here to find out the difference between a touch probe and the eazy-z tool setter.

Onefinity 3-Axis XYZ Touch Probe

SKU : 3001001
97,50$ Prix original
92,63$Prix promotionnel
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