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What is the difference between a Touch Probe and a Tool Height Setter on a CNC machine?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


Onefinity CNC machines are renowned for their versatility, and the integration of probes adds an extra layer of precision to their capabilities. Touch Probes on a Onefinity CNC system are multifunctional tools that serve various purposes:

  1. Workpiece Measurement: Probes on a Onefinity CNC machine can accurately measure the dimensions of a workpiece. By touching the surface of the material, the probe gathers data that aids in setting up the machining process with utmost precision.

  2. Tool Offset Calibration: Achieving precise tool offsets is crucial for accurate machining. Probes assist in calibrating tool offsets, ensuring that the cutting tool is perfectly aligned with the intended machining path.

  3. Workpiece Location: Probes are instrumental in determining the exact location of a workpiece on the CNC machine bed. This information is crucial for setting up the origin point and aligning subsequent machining operations.



Tool Height Setters (Auto Tool Zero): Elevating Precision in Onefinity CNC Machining:

In tandem with touch probes, Onefinity CNC machines often utilize tool height setters to further enhance accuracy. The tool height setter plays a specific and vital role in the machining process:

  1. Setting Tool Height: One of the primary functions of a tool height setter is to establish the correct height of the cutting tool above the workpiece. This ensures that the tool is positioned accurately for optimal cutting and machining.

  2. Consistency Across Operations: Tool height setters contribute to maintaining consistency in machining operations. By precisely setting the height of the tool, the machine can execute repetitive tasks with uniform precision.

  3. Speed and Automation: Tool Heigh Setters allow for fast and automated bit changes in the middle of a machining job.


Choosing the Right Tool for the Job:

When it comes to choosing between a touch probe and a tool height setter on a Onefinity CNC machine, the decision depends on the specific requirements of the machining task. Probes offer versatility in measurement and positioning, while tool height setters excel at ensuring the correct tool height for cutting operations.

In the world of CNC machining, precision is paramount. The integration of touch probes and tool height setters into a Onefinity CNC system elevates the accuracy of machining processes. Whether you are measuring workpiece dimensions, calibrating tool offsets, or ensuring consistent tool height, these tools play pivotal roles in achieving excellence in CNC machining with Onefinity. As technology continues to advance, the marriage of precision tools and CNC machinery will undoubtedly propel the manufacturing industry into new realms of efficiency and accuracy.

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