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Introducing the J Tech Photonics 44w Octo Pro Laser. The most powerful Diode laser in the world.

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Introducing the worlds first 44W Diode Laser designed for upgrading your CNC

Bring your Onefinity CNC to life by adding the most powerful laser upgrade ever.

Product Features:

  • Incredibly Awesome 44W of Maximum Optical Power

  • Plug and Play on all Onefinity CNC machine types

  • Integrated electronics – No power loss on extended cable runs

  • Advanced angle detection- laser will only fire when pointed down at the material for extra safety

  • All metal enclosure with integrated J Tech safety shielding

  • Maximized cooling with 40CFM 80mm fan

  • FDA compliant interface module with power on reset and locking key switch.

  • Optically isolated inputs for industrial control

  • Adjustable low power mode – no more burning your project in low power

  • Full Metal Mounts with Magnetic latching and the ability to lock in place

  • Integrated Air Assist Nozzle

  • Adjustable Focus for 3D engravings

Same Power as a CO2 laser!

With 8 combined diodes, this laser produces similar power levels as entry level stand alone CO2 laser machines offered for thousands of dollars. For a fraction of the price, you can have the same cutting ability on your CNC*.

Cut More and Cut Faster

Increase your productivity with 44 watts of optical power to make your projects quicker and cut more materials. Blast through 1/8” plywood or dark acrylic with ease.

Integrated Air Assist

The air assist improves cutting and engraving and is integrated into the laser with easy quick connect fittings on the top of the laser making it easier to route your air hose to your cable chain on your CNC. It is recommended to always use the air assist when using the laser.

Integrated Electronics and Safety Interface Board

Inside the laser houses the electronics for driving 8 combined laser diodes with maximized current to achieve full performance without any line losses. The integrated board does the heavy work while the safety interface board does all of the industrial input optical isolation, power conditioning, and safety.

More Power and More Safety

At J Tech Photonics, we have always put safety first on our products. This laser is no different. The laser safety board includes our locking key switch, power on reset protection, remote interlock ability, and emission indication. The laser head has a patent pending angle sensor integrated into the electronics to only allow the laser to fire when positioned facing downwards towards the work surface. If it accidentally gets knocked off the mount or is not on the mount, the laser shut off and will not fire.

Full Metal Mounts with Latching

All of the CNC bundles include metal magnetic mounts for more stability. This laser is a beast, and more power means a heavier laser. The locking screws lock into the mount and the magnets hold it in place for a tight fit. If you want to have your laser attached to the mount even more, you can tighten the screws even more to make it so you can’t remove it.

Low Power Adjustment for Beam Placement

The OCTO PRO 44W laser has a lot of power. But when you want to turn the laser down to find the position on your workpiece, you don’t want it to burn a hole in your wood before you even start engraving. We have included an adjustable low power mode into the safety interface board to allow for precise control over the low power setting. Now, when you fire your laser at 1%, it won’t burn it.

What this kit includes:

  • 44W OCTO PRO laser head with metal magnetic shroud

  • Laser safety interface board

  • Power Adapter 24V, 6amp

  • Laser Safety Goggles for 445nm Lasers

  • 3′ Input Cable (for longer lengths purchase here)

  • Laser Focus Tool

  • Air assist nozzle, air hose, and 5 material risers. (pump not included. We recommend this one:

*Important note: Due to the nature and lifespan of Lasers, we do not offer a 'trade in' or 'upgrade program' for any lasers including the Octo Pro*


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* Diode lasers are not the same as CO2 lasers and this comment is relative. Diode lasers cannot cut clear acrylic or engrave glass.

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