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All Lead times are current.

Lead times are the time it takes from placing and order until the machine is built and does not include shipping time.  Picking up your machine at the factory will not change the lead times.



  • Onefinity Machinist Original:   1-3 Weeks

  • Onefinity Woodworker Original :   1-3 Weeks


  • Onefinity Woodworker PRO :   4-5 weeks

  • Onefinity Journeyman PRO :  4-5 weeks

ELITE Series:

  • Onefinity Woodworker Elite  :     7-9 Weeks

  • Onefinity Journeyman Elite  :     7-9 Weeks

  • Onefinity Foreman  4x4 Elite:     7-9 Weeks


Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider) :  1-2 Weeks 

Rail Upgrades:


Woodworker X-50 Upgrade:       2-3 Weeks 

Journeyman X-50 Upgrade :      2-3  Weeks

Elite Upgrades: 6-8 Weeks

​QCW Frames:

QCW Frame  (Machinist) :           1-3 weeks

QCW Frame  (Woodworker):      1-3 weeks

QCW Frame  (Journeyman) :     1-3 weeks

QCW Frame  (Foreman):         1-3 weeks

Rolling Folding Stand:

1-3 Weeks

Wall Mount Kit:

1-3 Weeks


Software (Vectric/Carveco):

License emailed to you within 5-10 Business Days

Accessories (Laser, Clamps, Bits, Etc.):

1-5 Business days (unless ordered with a machine)

Ships with machine if ordered at the same time

*Software Licenses will be emailed to the email address provided with your purchase.

All accessory orders not listed above ship within 1-5 business days (unless out of stock or backordered).  Accessories purchased with a machine will ship with your machine.

These dates are only estimates and rely on actual production. Each back ordered item has an estimated shipping date but this is subject to change without prior notice. 

Very Important note: To determine the anticipated delivery of you order, please use your order date and add the product specific lead time shown above.

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