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Eazy-Z Tool Setter Settings Change (if it doesn't move down in Z when commanded)

Updated: Jan 23

Early settings of the Elite machines with Masso controller had default values of red/high. As of 2024, default settings from the factory are set to the corrected, Low/Green.

The Eazy-Z Tool Setter settings in the F1 page should be green/low. If yours is set to red/high, follow the steps below to adjust.

  • Go to the f1 page.

  • Leave the password blank.

  • Hit enter.

  • Scroll down in the center column.

  • Find Input 11 line labeled “tool setter”.

  • Single tap that line so that it is highlighted. Do not double tap the line.

  • Push the space bar to change it from red/high to green/low. Ensure it is green/low for correct operation.

  • Reboot the machine and try again.

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