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EP.29 Onefinity CNC - Our Maker Collab Project, Building a Synthesizer

Earlier this month, our friends at @themakercollab closed the polls on their annual Maker Collab competition. This year's theme was "music". Although Onefinity didn't officially enter the race, we worked on our own project, keeping with the the theme.

This presented a great opportunity to challenge ourselves with a project Morgan already had designed - a simplified midi controller/sampler. This project would involve a multitude of materials and new skills that had not yet been explored, but Morgan was up to the challenge, and his Onefinity was up to the task!

- Cutting copper

- Tapering thickness

- Incorporated lighting

- Wiring copper to microcontrollers

- Pouring epoxy over electronics

- Coding microcontrollers

For someone who can barely tie their shoes, this was a daunting task.

All said and done, the piece looks great, and functions... almost great.

The big takeaway here is that it was a great learning experience, and we hope this encourages you to try something new because 99 times out of 100, the limiting factor isn't the machine - it's us. Onefinity CNCs are capable of incredible things - we challenge you to find out just how much your Onefinity can do!

Check out The Maker Collab to see this year's winners!

Item's used:

CNC used:

Flattening Bit:

@TotalBoat Epoxy:

Sampler microcontroller:

MIDI microcontroller:

Touch capacitive light sensors:

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