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Firmware Version 1.1.0 Release


How To Install: Updating via USB You’ll do an update via USB using the following steps: Copy the blue .bz2 file below onto a usb stick (it must be formatted as fat 32 or ntsf). Click the flyout menu (three bars on top left), general, under firmware click ‘UPLOAD’. Select the 1.0.9 file. If you are on firmware 1.0.8 or lower, it may ask for a password. the password to update will either be Buildbotics or Onefinity

Updating via the Internet: If you already have 1.0.9 and below and are connected to the internet and have auto updates on, a pop up will inform you that there is an update and the machine will update automatically via the internet. If you already have 1.0.9 and below and are connected to the internet and do NOT have auto updates enabled, go to Click the flyout menu (three bars on top left), general, and under firmware click upgrade.

New Features:

  • Wi-Fi is completely rewritten. The dialogue now shows a Wi-Fi browser, with a list of Wi-Fi signals the controller sees, a Wi-Fi icon that shows how strong it’s receiving the signal (3 bars is strong, 2 is medium, 1 is week).

  • Screen rotation is now on the settings page and will remember upon reboot. Flip your screen 180°.

  • The Settings page now allows the user to set the time and time zone.

  • GCode Files up to 1GB are now supported, and progress is displayed during upload.

  • Added Native support for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Logitech F710.

  • Improved joypad support. All modes of the EasySMX joypad (wireless/wired) will operate X,Y and Z movement.

  • Increased joypad dead zone for less ‘stick drift’

  • Selected items on the control page now highlight in blue.

  • Added graphics during probing to better indicate how to do the probing process.

  • Z raises 25mm after probing Z only (up from 3mm).

User Interface Improvements:

  • Rewrote GUI in more up to date program for better clarity and configuration on the backend and responsiveness.

  • Removed ‘units dropdown’ from settings pages as it was redundant.

  • Renamed ‘Units’ to ‘Display Units’ on control page. This setting only changes how the units are displayed on the control page.

  • Completely rewritten ‘probe’ process/popup.

  • Removed Access Point ability to improve Wi-Fi functionality.

  • Added ‘Shutting Down’ splash screen. Removed ‘code view’ during boot up and shut down (stopping new users from the fear they had when the words ‘kernel panic’ showed on the screen)

  • MDI now tells you what units your controller is in (not display units). Switching units is now done via MDI.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for ‘stuck in jogging state’ when inputs are pressed too soon when using the play/pause/stop buttons. It should no longer get stuck in ‘jogging’ state.

  • Improved uploading files with odd names

  • Fixed the long/slow movement bug where the machine would fail long and slow movements.

  • Fixed the “stick drift” issue with some gamepads

  • Screen resolution is now correct on all supported screens, and behaves correctly if the screen is -plugged in after the controller has started.

  • Older controllers with a “toggle” style power switch no longer display “kernel panic” at shutdown. *Switched from disk-based swap to zram-based swap, to extend the lifespan of the controller sd-card

  • Many minor bug fixes


They found a bug, was supposed to be fixed and reposted by 9/11……’s late


I am connected by wifi but I am not getting an update available notification. Even though the box is checked , there is no 1.0.0 available to upload.

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