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Red Bushings on Motor Coupler. What is it? (Do not throw away) FAQ

The Red Bushings (shaft coupling) on the motor coupler are not packaging. They are an integral part of the coupler and required for the machine to move correctly.

Flexible shaft couplings are used to connect the shafts of a stepper motor and the driven load or mechanical system. They allow for the transmission of torque while accommodating misalignment, reducing vibrations, and protecting the motor and driven components.

Without these red bushings, the machine will not cut correctly as there will be a gap between the metal coupler parts and the motors wont ‘engage’ while traveling that gap, causing carving oddities.


What if I need replacements?

Need replacement motor couplers? The bushings are not sold separately and only come with the full coupler replacement.

Replacement couplers are here:

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