The Onefinity Cable Extensions give you the ability to relocate your CNC's Controller to a location that better suits your personal needs. Maybe you want to install your controller under your table? Maybe on a nearby wall?

These connect to the cables that came with the Onefinity to extend the reach.  They do no replace the original cables.


These extensions extend the original wires that come with your machine.  They are not replacement wires.  These have the smaller connectors on both ends.  One end will plug into the controller, the other into the original wires.


These are NOT to be used to replace the curly z cable (like in the use of a drag chain).  Replacing that cable will cause the z to not function.


Comes with 2 (two) Cables Extensions. 


Note: These Cable Extensions come equiped with the smaller Amphenol connector to help facilitate use with a drag chain.



2 Pack Cable Extensions (4 foot long)

$15.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price