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MASSO Closed Loop Stepper Motors with integrated drive provide high torque and acceleration with ease of wiring and setting up.

The motors are integerated with encoder for position feedback and all control electronics for realtime position and torque monitoring. Compared to normal open loop stepper motors, these motors provide exceptional RPM’s and acceleration. By having built-in encoder feedback the motors are able to report back to the controller if the requested position was not achieved or if there was any position error.

By having integrated drives, there is no need to run cables between motor and drives which makes installtion and troubleshooting faster. Simply connect a 24VDC to 36VDC power supply and control signals from MASSO controller to the motors and you are ready to run.

  • Closed loop stepper motors with high accuracy and torque.
  • Easy to install and setup.
  • LED’s for power and alarm status.
  • Enable and alarm signal Interlocks.
  • Differential signal interface for electrical noise immunity.
  • Works with a single 24VDC to 36VDC power supply.
  • NEMA23 frame size.


Works on:

  • All Elite Series Machines on X,Y,B,and Z axis.



Frame sizeNEMA #23
Shaft8mm (.315″)
Maximum Torque1.2 N.m (Newton meters)
12.236 kg-cm (kilogram centimeter)
169.934 oz/in (ounce inch)
10.62 in/lb (inch pound)
Maximum RPM530 RPM
Input Voltage36V DC
Output Current4.5A 20 KHz PWM
Current2 A
Step Angle.9° (400 steps/rev)


Motor FAQ:


MASSO Closed Loop Stepper Motor (1.2nm)

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