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Elite Masso Safety Notice / UPDATED (10/20/23) {FIXED}

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

UPDATE: On 10/20/23 Masso issued the 5.05 firmware update that resolved this issue. If you are using 5.03 , please immediately update to 5.05 to remedy this issue!


Original Post Below:

It's been brought to our attention that there is a current known bug in Masso firmware 5.03 (and previous) where there is a potential for a connected VFD / spindle to turn on during probing. As soon as we were made aware of this bug we've investigated it with Masso. They have been aware of the bug and it will be fixed in the next firmware update and is currently in internal testing to be released soon.

Until the next firmware update is released (5.04+) please follow the following steps immediately:

  • Under the F1 screen, (password is blank and hit the enter button), Under Spindle Settings on the left hand side column, disable auto spindle auto stop/Resume on Feedhold until firmware 5.04 or greater is released. (see pictures below)

Masso has not given a timeline for the next firmware release but we should expect it in the next month or two.

Any Elite machine shipped by Onefinity CNC from 5/14/23 or later that is on firmware 5.03 will be configured with this disabled. Once the next firmware is released from Masso with the fix, we will automatically install the firmware update at the factory and reenable this feature in the configuration before it arrives at your doorstep. Once the next firmware is released to the general public, we will be posting an announcement on our blog and social media sites as well. If you have a 'Masso My Workshop' account, the next firmware will be available there and should email you when ready. (See more here;

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