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Elite Onefinity Masso Firmware update 5.07 released (3/10/24)

IMPORTANT! – Please read these release notes before updating.

IIMPORTANT! – Before updating make a backup of your current settings.

IMPORTANT! – Before updating save a copy of your printable file, print it out and use it to check your settings after the update is complete to make sure all settings are correct.

NEW in v5.07


  • Spindle Auto On/Off – Logic improvement for spindle override speed after feed hold.

  • MASSO Link – Improved file transfer error checking and faster file transfer speed.

  • WiFi locking – Fixed an issue where the WiFi communication would stop and the controller had to be power cycled.

How to update your Masso firmware:

Onefinity Users will see two options under 5.07 firmware, The top one is 'Mill, Router, Plasma, Oxy, Waterjet" and the bottom one is 'lathe'.

You only need the one labeled 'Mill, Router, Plasma, Oxy, Waterjet'.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL THE ONE LABELED 'LATHE'. This is not used with a Onefinity machine

Default Configuration settings for Onefinity Machines:

Questions or issues with the Masso firmware update? You can reach out to Masso on their help desk here:


Don't have access to your my masso workshop account? Email INFO@ONEFINITYCNC.COM if you never received your log in info and include your serial number of your masso controller and order number of your Onefinity machine.

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and don't forget to update your MASSO Link app to version 1.12 - it is required in order to upload files to the new firmware. I've been using both since they were released and they have been rock solid stable and the pesky WiFi issue many (all) of us had is completely gone! And, there is also a mobile app (iPhone and Android) to monitor your Onefinity from you phone. Find it under MASSO my workshop

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