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Onefinity CNC Firmware 1.3 (X-35/X-50 machines w/ Buildbotics (BB) Controller) is now live!

Firmware 1.3 releases today (9/4/2023) for all X-35/X-50 Onefinity machines with the buildbotics (bb) controller. (does not apply to elite series with Masso controller)

Change log:

  • Fixed G-Code file selection (incorrect files loading when uploading new g code, known issue in 1.2.1. If you are currently on firmware 1.2.1, it is highly recommended to update to 1.3 immediately to avoid this bug!)

  • Included preset for VFD 60 (PwnCNC VFD included in dropdown)

  • Front end logging for G-Code and Probing issues (for use when reporting issues with firmware)

  • Fixed stuck/hung probing issues

  • Stability optimizations



There are 3 ways to install 1.3 firmware.

1) If your controller is connected to your network, an update will pop up on the control screen. Simply click it and it will auto update.

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Unknown member
Sep 05, 2023

Great, thanks! Will this build also fix the issue where the Z axis isn't controllable unless the remote control is in a specific mode (it used to work in any mode)

Replying to

Wait... What does this mean?


Unknown member
Sep 04, 2023

Currently running v1.1.1 on network with no issues. Can I do an auto update or should I update via USB? Or should I do a full SD OS reflash?

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