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What does Onefinity recommend to purchase? (Updated 4/1/24)

We get many questions asking what we recommend in terms of machine, wasteboard, bits, router, software, monitor etc. We’ll try to answer that in this FAQ. There are more advanced answers (and workarounds) to some of these points, but this is the easiest, general, beginner friendly, answers we can give.

Machine (required)

Let’s start with the machine. We’d always recommended getting the largest one you can fit. You can always cut smaller pieces on a larger machine, but (generally) you cannot cut larger on a smaller machine. Try to buy your second cnc first Our largest working area is the Elite Foreman. It has a 48"x48" cutting area. If you can fit it in your work space, this is the best ‘bang for your buck’! There are two types of machines, Classic (x-35 and x-50 powered by buildbotics) or Elite (powered by Masso). More details between these here: What is the difference between the (X-35) Original Series, (X-50) Pro Series, and the ELITE Series Onefinity CNC Machines?

Router/Spindle: (required)

You’ll need some way to spin a bit so a router or spindle will be required. Onefinity doesn’t provide either, so you’ll need to source your own. The Onefinity comes standard with a 65mm mount (65mm is the sized hole to accept the router).The router it was designed to work with the Makita RT0701C Trim Router (65mm body) (North American version). Purchase one here: (Amazon) or (Home Depot) Other routers can possibly work if they have a 65mm body to fit in the router mount.

If you are an advanced user, you can get a vfd/spindle, see more here:

Makita Router vs a Spindle FAQ Spindle/Router

Stiffy (extra third rail)

The stiffy is an extra 3rd rail for the X rail that spans across the two y rails. It adds extra rigidity. The machine is stout enough to handle the router and spindles, and works great for wood. If you are machining aircraft aluminum parts where every micron counts, you’ll want to get the stiffy to dial in tighter tolerances. If you are not measuring your parts with a caliper or just making wooden signs, you’d never notice the difference.

Onefinity USA

Bits (required)

The Onefinity comes with one 1/4 upcut bit by Bits and Bits. Bit’s are what go into the router and cut the wood. Bits are required for use. We sell many here: We feel a good selection is a 1/4 upcut/downcut endmill, 1/8 upcut/downcut endmill, one v bit, and a ball nose bit. There’s way to many variations to go into great detail here, but the internet has an overwhelming amount of information on bits.

Screen (not applicable to elite series) (required)

We feel its best to get a screen with your Onefinity. We sell a 7", 8", and 10" (some may go in and out of stock as inventory permits). We recommend purchasing one of ours with the Onefinity. We’ve written a pretty extensive faq about screens. Check that out here. What screens can I use with the Onefinity CNC (with a Buildbotics controller)The Elite series controller is an all in one unit with the 15 inch screen as part of the housing. This is not optional, removable or upgradable.

Software (required)

While you do not need a computer to run files on the Onefinity CNC, you will need design software to make those files. X-50 and Elite machines come with one year of Carveco for free. We have an extensive write up here: What CAD/CAM software can be used to make gcode files for the Onefinity CNC

Dust Boot / Vacuum (optional, but foolish to use without )

Since we’re born from the Suck IT Dust boot, we couldn’t give out recommendations without mentioning dust collection! While you can run your machine without it, we strongly feel the Suck It dust boot is an essential part of the Onefinity CNC. It’s safer for your health and better for your machine to always run with dust collection. You can get one here: We prefer the FEIN dust collector paired with a dust separator (not required, but useful).

Frame/Wasteboard (optional)

Our machines do not come with a base. The Onefinity was designed to attach to any flat surface. For over a year, every machine was just bolted to a table. In our second year, we released the QCW (quick change wasteboard). This allows users the option to get a ‘all in one’ type of frame. It also has built in t-track slots for easy clamping of material. It makes aligning and setting up the machine a breeze as it’s has a notched mounting system allowing for simple alignment right out of the box. The QCW alone is designed to simply sit on a flat surface. We also have a rolling/folding leg kit that attaches to the QCW. (sold separately). These rolling/folding leg kit provides a very solid stand for your Onefinity. It takes place of the user needing to build or provide a table for the Onefinity machine. With the QCW and rolling/folding leg kit, you can be up and running in less than an hour! The kit is perfect for small shops where having a dedicated space for your CNC isn’t practical, as you can fold up the Onefinity and tuck it into a corner when not in use to gain back your valuable working space. We’d recommend purchasing the matching QCW and rolling folding leg kit for simplicity and ease of use. The QCW and Rolling folding leg kit is optional and not required for operation of the Onefinity. If you don’t want to go with t-track or the qcw, our friend Myers Woodshop has created an awesome system for threaded insert wasteboard. Check it out here: Myers Woodshop Wasteboard, Fence, and Clamps MEGA Pack Every File in One .zip Download Includes Vectric, Carbide Create, .SVG, .DXF Files - Etsy

QCW: (get the matching size for your machine): (optional)

Perfect for adding a base to your machine when you don't want to spend the time building your own. With the optional legs or rolling folding stand, your table can be built in no time, you can roll your machine out of the way when not in use, or even hang it on the wall!

Cable Extensions (optional)

If you are planning to move the controller and depending on how your work area is setup, you may need longer cables to connect to the controller. These extensions do just that, extend the wires, they do not replace them. They go between the controller and current wires. You will need a set of cables for each rail. They are sold in packs of 2, so to do the whole machine (that has 4 wire) you will need two 2 packs. We do have 2’ and 4’ options available on our website

Touch Probe (optional but so worth it)

Just like a joypad, the touch probe is not essential. However, most users of the Onefinity CNC will recommend purchasing it. It makes zeroing your material much easier and more precisive. This is definitely a recommended purchase. You can get it here:

Tool setter Eazy-E (Optional but also worth it)

Unlike the touch probe, the tool setter only works one Elite machines that use the Masso controller. It does not zero x or y, and it is calculates the offset of Z when changing tools, so makes tool changes easier. Read more about the differences here: here:

Joypad (not applicable to elite series) (Optional but 99% of users buy one)

The joypad, while not essential, is recommended by most users of the Onefinity CNC. A joypad makes moving the machine much simpler and more elegant. We don’t run our machines in house without one Joypad will only work with non-elite machines. You can get one here:

Laser (optional)

Onefinity is one of the few CNC machines to support a laser out of the box. This turns your CNC machine into a laser as well. We recommend a laser to add to your toolbox! You can get one here:

While most of the items we’ve listed are not required to use the Onefinity CNC, they definitely make the experience either quicker, more convenient, or more user friendly.

We hope this helps!

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