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New and Improved! The plastic parts are now injection molded using a high strength, high stiffness glass fiber reinforced material. These new Oops clamps are awesome!


For use with waste boards with threaded inserts.


Oops Clamps are ultra low profile, high strength clamps with a replaceable "oops" tip. The Oops Clamp design offers the clamping force of metal clamps with the safety of plastic clamps. All hardware is standard off the shelf M6 or 1/4-20. Different lengths can be easily acquired at your local hardware store. You may also remove slide connector to use larger hardware.


Check out the Oops Clamps Video...


Important Note: While Oops clamps are designed to use different hardware to install to individual wasteboards, please ensure to only use M6 screws for the Jackscrew.  The Oops clamps have been pre-tapped and the use of other threads may affect the performance or durability of the product.  Please see safety manual for proper use and installation.


This 23 piece set comes complete with 4 Oops Clamps (2 standard length and 2 long), 2 replacement "oops" tips, M6x16mm Button screws (4 pieces), M6x30mm Button screws (4 pieces), M6x45mm Button screws (4 pieces), washers and Allen Key.



Long version has an overall length of 84mm with an adjustment range of 51mm's

Short version has an overall length of 65mm with an adjustment range of 32mm's

Please see specification sheet on the Assembly Tips and Tricks page for more info.

Oops Clamps for Threaded Inserts - Small Set

SKU: 2001013
$32.50 Regular Price
$29.25Sale Price
  • Have you ever misjudged your cutting path? No problem with the Oops Clamps. If you cut into the tip it won't mess up your carve or damage your cutter like a metal or even a thick hardwood clamp can do. Best of all, the tip is easily replaced if you do cut into it! Additionally, Oops clamps are ultra low profile so you can cut deeper without worrying about your Spindle, Collet or Dust Boot hitting the clamp. Check out the Oops Clamps Video...

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