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Take your Onefinity to another level with the simple to install, beefy X-50 Stiffy. Although the Onefinity models are very rigid, when using an 80mm Spindle with large bits the X-50 Stiffy is a great add-on to add the extra ridgidity. The stiffy is an optional add on and not required.



  • X-50 Woodworker
  • PRO Woodworker
  • Elite Woodworker


X-50 Stiffy features:

50mm Hollow Linear Rail Shaft for maximum rigidity

High Load Linear Roller Bearing

Precision machined Aluminum Gantry Block and Rail Ends

Engineered to be rigid

Simple installation


Check out the X-50 Promo Video here:


Check out our installation video here.

X-50 Stiffy (For Woodworker) (X-50/PRO/Elite Machines)

$197.50 Regular Price
$167.88Sale Price
  • Please note: You will be charged full price upon check out. 

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