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Our Infinite Possibilities Program allows Veterans and First Responders to explore their creative potential, is the first of its kind. We’re proud to give back to those who have served!


The Infinite Possibilities Program began in 2021 with the introduction of our X-50 machines.  We designed and built our machines for ease of use and set up, allowing our machines to be totally upgradable.  By refurbishing CNC machines, we empower Veterans and First Responders to embark on creative journeys, fostering skill development, inspiring innovation, making a positive impact on our community, while permitting our customers the opportunity to upgrade their existing machines.


There are two ways to participate in this truly amazing program;


1.     Upgrading a piece of your equipment for your existing machine;

2.     Veteran or First Responder applying to become a recipient of the program.


Option 1: Upgrading Your Machine


1.     Sign up for the Infinite Possibilities Program through the IPP Sign Up Page;

2.     After completing the short form, you will receive an automatic email with a link to a private

         product page where you can purchase qualifying equipment at discounted prices.

         Please be check your spam folder.  If you still have not received the automatic email within 15

         minutes of completing the form, please contact our customer service team at   
 for assistance.

Option 2: Becoming an Infinite Possibilities Recipient


            *** Details to be released shortly

Important Note about Program:


Please note the Z-20 IPP is for X-35 and X-50 non-elite machines only.

Please note that the IP program for the upgraded Rails is only available in the continental USA and Canada due to the the high shipping cost.  Other items in the IPP program will be made available globally. 

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