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MEET THE MAKER - D'ondra Howard - Workboots & Glasses

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

D'ondra Howard - Workboots & Glasses

The third featured maker in this series, D'ondra Howard of Workboots & Glasses started out with the goal of creating furniture pieces for her own home. Since then, she has left her job teaching ESL to children in China and has gone full time as a maker in her own shop.


"I've been a maker a little over a year. I started April 2020 and fell in love with building furniture. I've had this passion for a while but was scared of the power tools and figured, why not give it a try after watching a fellow maker share she was self taught. After hearing that, I was like, hold up, you can teach yourself?! Let's do it! Got up the next morning, went to Home Depot, bought a miter saw and some wood and got to work."

Which Onefinity model(s) do you own and what do you use them for?

D'ondra's shop features the X-35 Onefinity CNC Woodworker. She takes custom orders including items such as tables, shelving, coasters and more! You can check out her work on social media as well as her online store here. Her favorite projects so far on the Onefinity CNC have been patterned charcuterie boards and some cabinet doors.

How have you incorporated the Onefinity into your shop, and what is/are your favorite projects you've completed on the Onefinity CNC?

I don't have a CNC background. I pretty much saw this on YouTube, thought it would be dope to have and learned as I used it. I use my Onefinity to carve cool patterns into pieces I make. It's a great tool to customize and add a personal touch for those looking for gifts. I like to make furniture with designs on doors or charcuterie boards and signs filled with epoxy.

Comments on the Onefinity CNC Machine?

Onefinity definitely expanded my making abilities. The shapes and patterns I can carve out on items is such a cool way to catch people's eye and ask them how they can get one or if I can make something specific.

Thoughts to share with those contemplating purchasing a Onefinity?

If you can make it work within your budget, do it, I'm sure you'll be able to make your money back once you start seeing all the possibilities you have with the machine.

What is Your Favorite Onefinity CNC Accessory?

"I think the laser is pretty dope and the joystick... way too many people get excited seeing me use the joystick, lol."

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