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MEET THE MAKER - Kate Tucker - Women Who CNC

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Kate Tucker - Rise & Shine Wood Signs

I've gathered 8 years of experience as a maker, and it has been an incredible journey. Graphic design has always been a deep passion of mine, and bringing my designs to life is something I hold close to my heart. As a designer, I expanded my business into a thriving paint party venture, where I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity and the sense of community it fostered. However, the disruptions of 2020 prompted me to reconsider my path. After careful reflection, I took a leap of faith into the world of CNC, and I have been nothing short of impressed with the wonderful community of teachers and friends I have met along the way!

In Addition to running Rise and Shine Wood Signs, Kate Also runs Women Who CNC.

I am the founder of Women who CNC and owner of Rise & Shine Wood Signs. My goal is to bring as many women into the CNC space as possible. It can be overwhelming for men and women alike, but I’m here to help! I am diligently working on becoming a seasoned expert in both the digital realm of Vectric Pro and the physical aspects of CNC. My journey into this field has been an investment into myself and my business. Drawn by the potential to turn raw materials into intricate works of art, I dove headfirst into the world of CNC machining and never looked back. By making numerous profitable projects, I have successfully gained many hours of Vectric experience and a deeper passion for woodworking with my CNC.

Background - What got you started making?

Beginning with a Cricut cutting machine and progressing to a larger vinyl cutter, I embraced the world of sign making, receiving custom orders and designing artwork. As I ventured into entrepreneurship, this journey challenged me to grow in unexpected ways. Transitioning my business into a thriving paint party venture, I enjoyed the creativity and community until 2020's disruptions prompted a re-evaluation of my path. After some soul searching, I took a leap of faith into CNC and haven't looked back. My niche' is custom work.

Which Onefinity model(s) do you own and what do you use them for?

I Currently have the Journeyman X50 and I love it!

How have you incorporated the Onefinity into your shop, and what is/are your favorite projects you've completed on the Onefinity CNC?

Primarily business but some personal use. I love working with my son and daughter to create unique items for their rooms, or even as gifts to family and friends.

The Onefinity CNC has truly transformed my entire process. Each project allows me to grow and expand my skillset. Going from zero knowledge just two years ago to what I'm creating now still amazes me. On my journey to master the Onefinity CNC, I've noticed more women entering this space and seeking guidance. Alongside my business, I created a space for Women who CNC. Empowering women to explore the world of CNC is not just about learning a new skill; it's about embracing the limitless potential of their creativity. Encouraging women to explore the CNC technology is an investment into themselves and their future. Women who CNC is about fostering a community where every woman feels empowered to grow and thrive.

My 3ft sunflowers are by far my favorite! It's a 7 layered design with varying paints to add texture and depth. Second favorite is my "We the people" flag with a black epoxy inlay!

What is your favorite Onefinity CNC accessory?

My favorite accessories are the lasers! I have the 7W and the 24W.

Thoughts to share with those contemplating purchasing a Onefinity?

Onefinity has truly been a game-changer in my life, opening my eyes to the remarkable possibilities. If you have a dream and are ready to put in the effort, this machine can turn those dreams into reality! When I made the purchase, the Journeyman X-50 was the largest model available and taking that leap of faith was a decision I've never regretted. Two years later, I'm creating things I once thought were impossible. I'm here to say, you won't regret it. The support and community that come with Onefinity are truly outstanding!

Check out Kates YouTube Channel!

Who inspired/inspires you to create? Who do you look to in the CNC space?

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