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Ryan Suchy - Another Piece of Wood

I have always liked making things with my hands. When I was a teenager, I had a job working in the car audio industry, and frequently fabricated different cases, surrounds, mounts, etc. Any chance I get to help out with a project around the house (mine or someone else’s), I always jump at the opportunity! During the onset of the COVID pandemic, I really went all out with my creativity. As soon as I started seeing videos about the Onefinity, I knew I had to have one! Since then, I have slowly started outfitting my shop with bigger and better tools, and learning along the way.

Background - What got you started making?

Like many others probably have done, I started watching a lot of videos on YouTube and saw the Onefinity being showcased. I was already doing some woodworking during the COVID pandemic and stuck at home, so finding a way to keep busy was a must. I started out with zero CNC experience, so spent a good amount of time over the past year or two learning the design aspect of things. Now that I have that under wraps, I am starting to explore the creativity the Onefinity allows me to add to my projects. I have found that I like using my CNC to create projects that I am inspired to make, and not so much just making batches of things to sell at craft shows, etc. So I would say that my niche is defiantly creating art and putting my personal touch on things.

Which Onefinity model(s) do you own and what do you use them for?

I currently have the X-35 Woodworker and love it! I am looking into doing an upgrade to the Journeyman sometime in the next year or so.

How have you incorporated the Onefinity into your shop, and what is/are your favorite projects you've completed on the Onefinity CNC?

I use my Onefinity to personalize projects by engraving, cutting out unique shapes, etc. I really like incorporating different mixed media into my projects, and the Onefinity has made that so much easier for me. I do a bit of epoxy projects, and want to start incorporating more metals and acrylics into future builds as well! I currently do a lot of smaller, decorative pieces and signs, due to me working out of a small garage based shop. I am in the middle of having a large shop built on my property and have plans to expand on the offerings I provide to my customers. I plan to start doing some larger art/creative pieces, and also offer some furniture. I would say that I have sold more charcuterie boards than anything else. I have an Etsy storefront, or you can always check out my Instagram or Facebook channels for projects I have done in the past and shoot me a message there to start a conversation about making something for you.

What is your favorite Onefinity CNC accessory?

I have the 7W Tech laser and love it! I really like being able to use the laser to burn images on projects. And when used in conjunction with the CNC aspect of the machine, there is little that you can’t do with the Onefinity! Outside of that I really like the touch probe and the level of consist accuracy it adds to the process.

Thoughts to share with those contemplating purchasing a Onefinity?

Definitely take the jump! If you are already a maker, this will take your creativity to the next level. If you’re just getting started in the maker community, this will give you the head start you need to stay engaged. And the resources available from the Onefinity official forum to the countless YouTube, internet, and social media channels make it easier than ever to get into the CNC game and start creating right away!

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