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MEET THE MAKER - Sam Coleman

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

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SAM COLEMAN - Coleman Designs Inc.


Sam Coleman of Coleman Designs Inc. has been using his Onefinity CNC for about one and a half years now and he has not slowed down yet. If you're active on Facebook and Instagram, you've more than likely seen some of Sam's work on the Onefinity pages. As stated previously, Sam has been using his Onefinity CNC for about a year and a half, but has had a hand in woodworking for quite some time before that. He helped his father with his woodworking business as a teenager, mostly working as a supplier for other woodworkers. Sam also has a brother, Jesse, who is also a woodworker has inspired him to continue on with woodworking.

Which Onefinity model(s) do you own and what do you use them for?

As a member of our Infinite Possibilities Upgrade Program, Sam started out on the Onefinity Woodworker and upgraded to the X-50 Journeyman X rail. In Sam's case, custom engravings along with a few small batch orders are where the Onefinity gets put to work most often, with custom orders being his favorite. He says he also enjoys putting the machine to work making things for around the house when he has the time.

How have you incorporated the Onefinity into your shop, and what is/are your favorite projects you've completed on the Onefinity CNC?

Most of the use of the Onefinity CNC in the Coleman Designs shop is dedicated to custom engravings but Sam also enjoys using it for making things for around the house, as well as developing new products when he has time in his busy schedule. His favorite project on the Onefinity so far has been his 'Sam Stand', a collapsible computer desk stand. "At first I had balance issues and needing wider platforms." says Coleman. "With a bit of tweaking and trials and errors, I was able to produce a sturdy stable product. Love using my creativity!". Coleman also added that the Onefinity CNC has made him "quite efficient" in the shop, as he can start the Onefinity on its job, then continue to work on other projects while that runs.

Comments on the Onefinity CNC Machine?

"The CNC has made me quite efficient as I can continue with other projects or do design work as the CNC machine is running. The accuracy and repeatability makes a world of a difference!"

What is Sam's Favorite Accessory?

When asked about his favorite accessories, Sam had a simple answer; the J Tech laser, saying it was a "MUST HAVE"

Thoughts to share with those contemplating purchasing a Onefinity?

"Sometimes you just have to take the leap.. on the best damn desktop/hobby CNC there is on the market!" - Sam Coleman

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