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MEET THE MAKER - Amber Gordon

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

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AMBER GORDON - My Little Zoo's

Meet Amber Gordon, the first of our featured makers in our new blog series, Meet the Maker. Amber is a stay at home mom who also runs her own small business! Amber enjoys creating signs, children's toys, and blanks for woodworking which she sells to other small businesses. She is a self-taught woodworker and machine operator, and continues to expand the line of products

she offers with some help from her Onefinity CNC.


I have been a maker for 6 years! I wanted to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) when my first child was born so I started my own small business. I got started making wooden blocks and vinyl wood signs. I fell in love with wood products, especially children's wooden toys. Since I started, I have advanced in my woodworking skills and invested in machines to assist me in taking my business to the next level. This is when wood signs and décor became my favorite product to make. Putting together the pieces like a puzzle are so much fun! I come from a technical support IT background, but never had any experience with woodworking, tools or machinery! I am fully self taught when it comes to CNC's and lasers.

Which Onefinity model(s) do you own and what do you use them for?

Amber's shop features the X-35 Onefinity CNC Woodworker. She takes custom orders while

still producing larger quantities of products for sale regularly as well.

How have you incorporated the Onefinity into your shop, and what is/are your favorite projects you've completed on the Onefinity CNC?

I use the Onefinity every day for my business. It cuts, drills and engraves all of our home décor products and educational toys that we create. Any project that has to be engraved are my absolute favorites! Watching the Onefinity carve through the layers of wood and capture every tiny detail on the designs I am making is truly magic! My engraved projects always come out clean and crisp when using the Onefinity. It is mesmerizing to watch!

Comments on the Onefinity CNC Machine?

Before the Onefinity I had a very small amount of products to offer! I didn't have the proper tools to really expand or create different types of wood products that I dreamed of making one day. I wanted to grow, learn and have endless options of what I could create! I started receiving requests for wood signs, fell in love with wood toys for my own kids and suddenly knew I had to get a machine to help me create these products for my family and my customers. Once I purchased the Onefinity, all the doors opened for me! I am making new custom products every day and I finally feel like there is no limits on what I can create. I have gained so many new customers, new followers, sponsorships and I have the Onefinity CNC to thank for all of this!

Thoughts to share with those contemplating purchasing a Onefinity?

You will not regret it!! The Onefinity is very user friendly for those who have zero experience with CNC machines. More importantly, the Onefinity Support team and online community are absolutely amazing and super helpful! Take the jump and watch the Onefinity help you make your business even more successful.

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