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Onefinity Goes Camping! Catskill Mountain Maker Camp 2023 Recap ft. Jimmy Diresta!

A few weeks ago, Stone and Morgan traveled up to New York for the Catskill Mountain Maker Camp. This is just a fun recap of the trip, captured on smartphones guerilla-style while diligently representing Onefinity to the maker community.

We were there showing off an ELITE Foreman in all its glory, even through rain of biblical proportions! TONS of Onefinity users were in attendance and it was awesome to spend time with them. Not only that, Morgan got the opportunity to enter the holiest of holies - Jimmy DiResta shop!

If you're interested in attending next year, check out @makerscamp channel!

Here are some of the talented makers and Onefinity users we got to hang out with at the event and their channels...

Jimmy - Jimmy DiResta Luke - Luke Gelman Pat & Carlina - Pine Barren Pallet Works Justin - Call Me Mabie Tiff - Night Carver Designs Odes - Pineland Elite Woodworking Pat - Pat Lap Paul - Jackman Works Pete - Peter Capar Dan - Daniel Dunlap Woodworks Braden - Little Bug Woodworking Lindsay - Wood Brain by Lindsay Zuelich Dre - craftswithdre Katrina - PNW Farmhouse Design Co Mike - Coffey Custom Builds Alma - pinksoul studios = alma rosa villalobos Ed - Mancini Woodworking Jeff - Makersway Woodshop Jessie - Building Jessie Colton - C O L T + C R I T

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