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WorkbenchCON 2024. One Machine, Infinite Community.

When you buy a Onefinity CNC, not only are you buying the best hobby CNC router there is, you're also gaining a community. With a common bond over their CNC, users come together online on Instagram, Facebook groups, local meetups, the forum and many other places.

WorkbenchCON is one place where these internet friends come together to meet face to face and gain a deeper bond and friendship that goes beyond their common love for the Onefinity CNC. These relationships last a lifetime and we are honored to be a part of this community and gain these lifelong friendships with many of you!

This video is just a recap of our trip to WorkbenchCON in Atlanta, February 29th - March 2nd. This was our second year as a sponsor and we had an amazing time. If you are a maker and a content creator, this conference is right up your alley.

We hope to see you there in 2025!


HAMbenchCON pre-party host - @HamiltonDilbeck

with our friends from...

Team Morgan / Stone shirts:


Will we see you at WBC in 2025?

  • 0%Yes! See you there!

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