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What is the difference between the original (X-35) Original , (X-50) Pro, and the ELITE Series?

Updated: Jun 21

he X-35 was our original machine, launched in 2020. We then release the X-50 machines is 2021. The Elite Series was launched in 2022. The Pro Series was launched in 2023.

The main difference between the X-35/X-50/PRO Machines and the ELITE Series is the controller. The original uses a controller built off of Buildbotics and the Elite uses a Masso G3 Touch. Because of this, the original uses open loop stepper motors. The Elite series uses closed loop. See more on this here.

On Nov, 2023, the X-50 series morphed into the PRO series. There were three major changes: 1) Drag chains preinstalled, 2) higher torque motors on all 4 axis (foreman only), 3) Z-20 comes standard.

The biggest difference between x-35/x-50/PRO and the Elite are the electronics.

  • x-35/X-50/Classic/Pro use the (BB) buildbotics controller, 10" touch screen and open loop stepper motors.

  • The Elite machines use the industrial Masso controller and built in 15" touch screen and closed loop stepper motors.

Because they use different controllers and motors, this puts the ELITE series into a much higher class of a machine (with a greater price tag).

What they have in common:

  • Use the same rail system that you know Onefinity for.

  • Both offer the Woodworker (32x32) and Journeyman (48x32) sizes.

  • Do not require the use of a computer during cutting.

  • The same CAD can be used.

  • Wi-Fi enabled (optional)

  • Touch Screen

  • Plug and Play Touch Probe

  • Plug and Play JTech Laser support

  • Plug and Play wiring

  • Setup in less than 30 minutes.

  • All ballscrew axis.

  • 3 axis touch probe.

  • Certain VFD Spindle support.

  • Touch screen jogging controls.

  • The QCW and legs work with all machine types.

Where they differ:

  • Price. The ELITE Series is more expensive.

  • Motors. The Elite Series uses closed loop steppers. The X-50/X-35 is open loop.

  • Controller. The Elite Series uses MASSO. The X-50/X-35 uses Buildbotics.

  • Feed rate adjustable on the fly Elite has it, X-50/X-35 does not. (being investigated on the Buildbotics controller, however).

  • Faster Rapids/Cutting Speeds. X-35/X-50 maxes out at 398ipm. Elite is around 560ipm at the time of writing (with possibility to push it faster/harder).

  • Elite supports Rotary. X-35/X-50 does not.

  • You can use any size screen on the X-35/X-50 you’d like. You must use the 15" screen on the Elite series.

  • The X-35/X-50 supports the wireless joypad for jogging. The Elite does not. It has an optional, wired pendant.

  • 4 usb ports onto he x-35/x-50. 1 usb port on the Elite.

  • X-35/X-50 supports webcam remote viewing. The Elite does not.

  • Elite Supports the EaZy-Z Tool Setter. The PRO/X-35/X-50 does not.

  • Elite series has factory drag chains for wiring. The PRO series also had drag chains from the factory. The X-35/X-50 does not have factory drag chains.

  • Elite series can recover from power loss and allows for a jump to line/start from where you left off option. The X-35/X-50/PRO does not.

  • The X-35/X-50/PRO machines uses stall homing which does not require wires or physical switches that require installation and can fail. The Elite series uses physical infrared homing switches that are much more precise than stall homing.

  • The Elite series has a auto on/off router and vacuum port built in. The X-35/X-50’s will require the ACB (Auto Control Box) add-on to do the same (coming in 2024).

  • The Elite series is self squaring in Y due to the rail independent infrared homing switches, the X-35/X-50/Pro does not.

Who is the X-35/X-50 for? The X-35/X-50 is great for hobbyists, weekend warriors, and beginners looking to venture into the world of CNC Routers. It’s lower cost reduces the barrier of entry to those looking to dip their toes into CNCing. (Don’t be fooled, however, we have many users running full time business’ on these machines).

Who is the PRO for? The Pro is made for serious hobbyists who are looking to build a business or crank out some series product.

Who is the ELITE Series for? The Elite is for small businesses and customers that use a CNC daily and need more output, speed, and features.

The great thing about Onefinity is that you can start out with the X-35 and fully upgrade to the Elite series without having to replace your whole machine! Onefinity gives users the option to start out wherever they are in their CNC journey!

One machine, Infinite possibilities.







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