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What size spindle mount should you order?

Updated: Feb 7

When purchasing any Onefinity CNC machine, you'll be asked which spindle size you want during checkout.

There are two options in the drop down:

  • 65mm Mount (that fits the Makita router (router not included)).

  • 80mm Mount (that fit's most 80mm round bodied spindles) ( spindle not included)).

Our original Z-16 Z slider came standard with a 65mm mount. There is an option to purchase just the 80mm mount alone on our website, without the need to purchase the entire z slider.

The newer Z-20 heavy duty Z slider comes from the factor with either a 65mm or 80mm mount preinstalled. The 80mm mount alone is not sold separately. That means, if you purchase a 65mm mount first then decide you want to change to an 80mm spindle and need an 80mm mount in the future, you have to purchase the whole z-20 z slider assembly, and that is costly.

What does Onefinity recommend I purchase?

Since our PRO and ELITE machines come standard with the Z-20, we recommend purchasing the 80mm mount size from the start if you ever think you might be interested in purchasing a 80mm spindle in the future. If you know you are only every going to use the Makita router, stick with the 65mm mount.

*Please note: While we offer 80mm mounts for users to install what they want to their machines, we do not offer technical support for spindles.

But how do I put the 65mm Makita router in the 80mm mount?

Our Official 3rd party accessory maker, Rowdy Roman, makes a 3d printed shim that reduces the 80mm hole to 65mm. This way you can have the best of both worlds and save yourself money in the future from needing to purchase a whole Z-slider!

Rowdy Roman's shim works on both the Z-16 and the Z-20 Z Sliders. We use these on our own machines and can vouch for the quality and customer service. It's outstanding!

Here's what it would look like to swap from the 80mm mount to the 65mm shim with the Makita router, then back to the 80mm mount with a spindle. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes!

Rowdy Roman 80 --> 65mm shim placed in the 80mm mount.

Inserting the Makita router into the 65mm shim.

Removing the Makita router from the 65mm shim.

Removing the 65mm shim.

Inserting the 80mm Spindle into the 80mm mount.

Rowdy Roman is a one man shop ran by Peter Romano. He's been a friend of Onefinity since we started and is most notable for his hose boom. He also carries some other awesome add-ons like the ring light and touch probe holder. Check them out!

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