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This listing is for x-35 and x-50 non-elite machines only.  All elite machines ship with a Z-20 preinstalled.


Which spindle mount should I choose (a blog post)


Take your Onefinity to the next level with the powerful, rigid and speedy Z-20 Heavy Duty Z-Slider. This simple to install upgrade offers more speed and torque than the existing Z-Slider with increased travel.


Z-20 features:

Larger, more powerful stepper motor.

Large 20mm solid, linear rail shafts.

Sealed, high-load, linear bearings.

1610 ball screw for increased speeds.

160mm of total travel distance.

4 mounting positions.

65mm and 80mm spindle mount options.

Provisions for mounting a Laser and other accessories

Built in Suckit Dust Boot Mounts

Thick, precision machined back plates

Quick and simple installation


Please note: Due to the thick back plates, your router location will shift forward.


Enroll in our IPP (Infinite Possiblities Program) and receive your Z-20 for non-elite machines for $275. 


Check out the Z-20 Promo Video here:

Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider) (Non-Elite Machines Only)

$450.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price
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