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Onefinity CNC JTech 44w Laser Trade In Program

The 44w @JTechPhotonics Diode Laser is part of the IPP Trade In Program!

If you have purchased a 7, 14, or 24w Jtech Laser from us in the past and can provide your order number you can send us your old laser and get a brand new 44w Laser at a discounted price!

Although there is not a set end date for this program, it may end at any time, so hurry now and buy before this program ends!

Steps involved in this trade in program:

  • Must be the original purchaser of a 7w, 14w, or 24w Jtech Laser

  • Must have purchased directly from Onefinity (purchased else ware does not qualify)

  • Must have original order number of your Laser purchase.

  • Log in to the IPP program with your order number

  • Purchase this listing for the Trade In 44w Jtech Laser

  • Receive your brand new 44w laser and install it.

  • Package up your old laser and all it's components, laser head, driver, cables, etc. into the box the new laser came in.

  • Use the prepaid return label inside the box to send it back to Jtech directly.

  • Enjoy your new, high powered, 44w laser!

*For this trade in program, all returned lasers regardless of watt are valued at the same discount*

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