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Onefinity Tool Setter - EAZY-Z | Announcement

Updated: Jan 23

Onefinity is excited to announce the EAZY-Z Tool Setter

The Onefinity EAZY-Z Tool Setter is an all metal, low profile, dust proof, highly accurate, plug and play automatic tool offset probe for your Onefinity CNC. The Onefinity EAZY-Z Tool Setter makes it easy to run jobs using multiple tools without the need to stop and probe manually.

Designed without gaps or seams on the top surface, helping prevent dust and debris from getting inside the Tool Setter.

Can be used with any size Cutter, including large surfacing bits.

Have a QCW? Install the included QCW Tool Setter mount for a quick, simple and clean installation.

The low profile design allows for use with your Dust Shoe when used with the QCW Mount or when placed on your table. There's no need to re-think your dust collection setup just because you added a Tool Setter.

Important Note: The Eazy-Z is currently for Elite Machines Only.

The Onefinity CNC tool setter is an automatic tool offset probe for setting z height during tool changes. Tool setter is not to be confused with the XYZ Probe. They are two different things.

What is the difference between the XYZ Touch Probe and the Tool Setter? The XYZ Touch Probe will set the XYZ zero point on the material and the Tool Setter adjust the Z offset after a tool change.

The tool setter will only work with Elite Series machines with the Masso controller. It is plug and play.

Important note: The tool setter will not work with X-35 and X-50 machines (buildbotics controllers).

Promo Video Here:

Installation Video Here:

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Another elite only??? :(

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