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24W QUAD PRO LASER - Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The most powerful J Tech laser yet. Is it possible to combine four 7W laser diodes together in one laser? J Tech says YES!

Introducing the most advanced diode laser available on the market. The J Tech Photonics QUAD PRO 24W laser is here!

Product Features:

  • Incredibly Awesome 24W of Maximum Optical Power

  • Integrated electronics – No power loss on extended cable runs

  • Advanced angle detection- laser will only fire when pointed down at the material for extra safety

  • All metal enclosure with integrated J Tech safety shielding

  • Maximum cooling with two fans and aluminum heatsinks.

  • FDA compliant interface module with power on reset and locking key switch.

  • Optically isolated inputs for industrial control

  • Adjustable low power mode – no more burning your project in low power

  • New Magnetic latching mount with the ability to lock in place

  • Optional Integrated Air Assist Nozzle

  • Adjustable Focus for 3D engravings

More cutting power to do your jobs faster

You want to cut? This is the cutting monster. It can get through two layer ¼” plywood in a single pass with the air assist. It can also power through thicker materials as well. More power means more cutting ability. Increase your productivity and cut projects you wouldn’t think you could cut.

(need photo)

Air Assist Included

Cleaners burns, nicer edges, and 30% more efficiency when cutting. What else needs to be said? If you want to cut, get the air assist. It pushes all the smoke out of the beam path and keeps the lens super clean. When cutting it is a must.

Integrated Electronics and Safety Interface board

The main control board to manage 4 separate laser diodes is integrated into the laser housing. What does this give you? It maximizes the current to the diodes for full performance without any line losses. The integrated board does the heavy work while the safety interface board does all of the industrial input optical isolation, power

conditioning, and safety.

More Power and More Safety

At J Tech Photonics, we have always put safety first on our products. This laser is no different. The laser safety board includes our locking key switch, power on reset protection, remote interlock ability, and emission indication. The laser head has a patent pending angle sensor integrated into the electronics to only allow the laser to fire when positioned facing downwards towards the work surface. If it accidentally gets knocked off the mount or is not on the mount, the laser shut off and will not fire.

Magnetic Latching Mounts for More Stability

The new design includes magnetic housings in the mount so the magnets can’t escape as well as two locking screws that hold into the mount for increased stability. The screws lock into the mount and the magnets hold it in place for a tight fit. If you want to have your laser attached to the mount even more, you can tighten the screws even more to make it so you can’t remove it.

Low Power Adjustment for Beam Placement

The Quad PRO 24W laser has a lot of power. But when you want to turn the laser down to find the position on your workpiece, you don’t want it to burn a hole in your wood before you even start engraving. We have included an adjustable low power mode into the safety interface board to allow for precise control over the low power setting.

Now, when you fire your laser at 1%, it won’t

burn it.

Support from Onefinity and JTech.

JTech has a team of professionals dedicated to their work. They have years of experience in the industry, so we know what high-end industrial manufacturing facilities are looking for and we aim to provide it. JTech designs lasers that we would be proud to use ourselves. You can get in touch with us them phone or email and they answer your questions quickly and efficiently because they have the knowledge to do so.

More Materials, Faster.


*Important note:

  • This ones so powerful, it's just not safe to fire this sideways. This ones so powerful, it's just not safe to fire this sideways. Go with the 14w or 7w if you want to use it on the wall.

  • There is no trade in program for lasers

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Too bad you guys don’t take trade ins. I have the 14W laser in excellent shape. Hate to see it go to waste. For that reason I probably won’t upgrade. Just a thought, more sales if you guys would consider trade in!

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