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Have you checked out CNC WITH ME? A CNC resource from our friend Hamilton Dilbeck!

What is CNC WITH ME?

CNC WITH ME is an All-Inclusive CNC Project Membership that includes weekly CNC project files, video toolpath guides, live Q&A Hangouts, giveaways, and more! All from out trusted and experienced friend, Hamilton Dilbeck. Hamilton exclusively uses Onefinity CNC's and has a large Youtube channel focused on CNC projects, How To's, and turning your CNC to a money making machine!


💪 Gain confidence with your CNC router by exploring new projects!

🛠️ Spend more time making things, and less time trouble-shooting!

😃 CNC projects for all ages and skill levels- especially beginners!

🚀 Create projects with less than an hour of shop time each week!


Weekly CNC files made for growing your skills!

What's Included In CNC WITH ME...

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2 comentarios

400.00 Not 4000

Me gusta

Hi Hamilton

I Was Going To Get A Infinity But Chhange My Mind. They Want $4000 To Ship The Machine Which I Thionk Is Out Of Bounds For A 300 Mile Ship. Do You Suggest Anything Else.

Regards David

Me gusta
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