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Introducing the new Onefinity ELITE Series, Powered by MASSO

Updated: Feb 7

The Onefinity Elite Series is one of the most advanced CNC lines on the market today. Featuring powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motors, “Z-20” heavy duty Z-slider, rigid, high precision, hardened steel linear motion shafts, a massive 15” touch display and one of the most advanced CNC controllers available. All this while maintaining our industry leading, user-friendly design with quick and simple set-up. No other CNC on the market can do what the Onefinity Elite Series can do!


Re-inventing the CNC Experience!

Onefinity changed the CNC experience, first by inventing the quick and easy set-up and pioneering linear rails and ball screws at a price makers and small businesses could afford. This forced many manufacturers to abandon plastic wheels and rubber belts. We then revolutionized accessories for small shops with products like the Rolling - Folding Stand, Wall Mount and Use Anywhere QCW. Now, Onefinity is trailblazing affordable production CNC’s with our Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider), X-50 Stiffy, “Anti-Skip” Closed Loop Stepper Motors and the most advanced CNC Controller on the market; our Onefinity MASSO! Purchasing a CNC for your business has never been more affordable and reliable!


Onefinity Elite Series, What you get:

Advanced, custom designed, Onefinity MASSO Touch

Massive 15-inch high definition industrial capacitive touch LED screen

Rigid, high precision, hardened steel, linear motion Shafts

High speed, long travel, Z-20 heavy duty Z-Slider

Powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motors

Infrared homing sensors with auto squaring

Fast travel, precision ball screws on all axis

Conveniently located Emergency Stop

Plug and Play wiring supported by drag chains

Wi-Fi enabled

Built in Auto on/off router outlet

Built in Auto on/off Vacuum outlet

Plug and play XYZ Probe (optional)

Plug and play Tool Setter (optional)

Power Loss Recovery

Jump to Line

Continuous and incremental jogging via touch screen

Feed Rate Override - Adjust feed rate during a carve

Multiple Work offsets (G54-G59)

Micro Tramming

Quick and easy setup - start carving in under an hour

Solid, self supporting QCW with leveling feet (optional)

X-50 Stiffy (optional)

User friendly design

7, 12 , 24, &44 watt Laser (optional—plug and play)

Fixed or Rolling - Folding Stand with wobble free leveling feet (optional)

Rotary Support

Spindle connection with on board controls (Onefinity does not offer spindle technical support)

Each unit fully production tested with a test carve to ensure proper functionality and quality

A large “how to” library with a very helpful and supportive community

Powerful Carveco Maker Advanced 3D Cad Software (1 year subscription)

And much more…



With rails comprised of beefy, high-precision, hardened steel, linear motion shafts, precision machined gantry blocks and rail ends, both made from aerospace grade aluminum, sealed, high load, linear bearings and a heavy-duty Z-Slider composed of ½” thick aluminum plates and 20mm solid, linear motion shafts, the Onefinity Elite Series is rock solid!


Each axis come standard with quality ball screws for the utmost precision. Sealed bearings to ensure smooth, maintenance free motion. Powerful, “anti-skip,” closed-loop stepper motors for accurate, risk-free carves. Assembly time is minimal with many of our customers up and carving in less than one hour!



One of the many benefits of the Onefinity Elite Series is that you will never lose or skip steps. With infrared homing sensors and powerful closed loop “anti-skip” stepper motors, the chances of destroying an expensive piece of material or losing hours of carve time is dramatically reduced. In addition, the Onefinity Elite Series maximizes safety with auto stop/pause alarms. For example, if a collision occurs the machine will stop in place, turn off the router and vacuum and an alarm will be given. To resume simply remove or reposition the obstruction and home the machine. You will then be able to restart the carve in the exact spot it stopped with just a tap of the screen. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds!


The Onefinity MASSO Touch, with a massive 15” HD capacitive LED touch screen, is a powerful stand-alone CNC controller with fully integrated hardware and software. Running your CNC off of a tethered laptop in a dusty shop environment is cumbersome, problematic, impractical and an added expense. With the Onefinity MASSO you can enjoy all the features and perks of a powerful PC-less controller at the touch of your fingertips.

With a Conveniently located emergency stop switch, plug and play Tool Setter, XYZ Probe, Laser and full support for a Spindle, all with direct on screen controls the Onefinity MASSO is a Very advanced CNC for an incredible, unmatched price.

The Onefinity Masso also supports a MPG handwheel and a Rotary attachment!



The Onefinity MASSO is the most stable, reliable and easy-to-use CNC controller money can buy. Escape the reliability issues of PC-based controllers, which are vulnerable to external design flaws, incompatible software updates and viruses. With the Onefinity MASSO you get fully integrated hardware and software specifically designed to run your Onefinity CNC machine completely independent of a PC.

Features include:

Great immunity to electromagnetic noise via differential signals

Simple, easy-to-use screen layout

Tool path display so you can see and position your carve in real time


Jog while paused

Power Loss Recovery

Jump To Line

Continuous and incremental jogging via touch screen

Feed Rate Override - Adjust feed rate during a carve

Spindle RPM Override - Adjust the Spindle RPM during a carve

Multiple Work offsets (G54-G59)

And much more...



The Elite Z-20 (Z-Slider) is a powerful, rigid and speedy heavy duty Z-slider. Offering great speed, torque and precision due to the 1610 ball screw and powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motor, along with a large range of motion, the Z-20 is a solid Z-slider.

Elite Z-20 Heavy Duty Z-Slider Features:

Powerful “anti-skip” closed loop stepper motors

Large 20mm solid, linear rail shafts maximizing rigidity

Sealed, high-load, linear bearings

1610 ball screw for increased speeds

160mm (6 1/2”) of total travel distance

4 mounting positions

65mm and 80mm spindle mount options

Provisions for mounting a Laser and other accessories

Built in Suckit Dust Boot Mounts

Thick precision machined back plates


Power Loss Recovery. Jump To Line. Edit G-Code On Demand

Dramatically reduce the chance of a lost a carve. The Onefinity MASSO has built in Power Loss Recovery. If you lose power during a carve, the controller will give you the option to resume the carve upon power recovery at the very spot it last carved. This can save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars worth of materials.

The Jump To Line feature allows you to skip to any point in a carve at any time. If you are running a long carve and need to step out of the shop, you can stop the carve, turn off the machine, and start it the next day from where you left off.

G-Code Edit. With the ability to edit the G-Code on the controller screen. If you run a carve and realize the spindle speed or movement needs to be adjusted, you can do this on the edit screen. The g-code is saved and is ready to run the next time you start the carve, saving a lot of time.



The Onefinity Elite Series uses infrared homing sensors with auto squaring. With the use of dual Y-axis sensors, every time you home the Onefinity you can be sure that it’s completely square and at its exact 0 coordinates. The Onefinity homing sensors are not subject to mechanical failure and are not affected by temperature changes making them extremely reliable and accurate.


The Elite Series, while very advanced and feature rich, keeps true to what customers love about the Onefinity. The Elite Series features industry leading easy to assemble, simple and quick setup. Every wire and connection for each axis, laser, touch probe, tool setter and Spindle is clearly labeled and designed to prevent improper connection.



Just like other Onefinity machines, you can do all of your designing from the comfort of your home or office and quickly and easily send them to your Onefinity to be carved via Wi-Fi. (Wi-Fi is NOT required to use the Onefinity CNC).


Have your router and vacuum automatically turn on when you start a carve and automatically turn off when your carve finishes. Simply plug your router and vacuum into the back of the control box and the Onefinity will control it for you. When you couple this feature with the “anti-skip,” closed-loop steppers and powerful Onefinity MASSO you have the safest CNC machine available. If you hit an obstruction or the machine jams for some reason, an alarm is triggered, the Onefinity stops in place and the router and vacuum automatically turn off.



Gone are the days of using tin foil to shim your CNC to ensure your cutting tool is perpendicular to your work surface. The Onefinity CNC is manufactured using high quality, high precision parts and components, however, there maybe some setups that require slight adjustments to ensure the cutting tool is perpendicular to the work surface. With our patent pending Micro Tramming feature you can easily tram your machine without having to shim your CNC using tinfoil.


Keeping true to what customers love about the Onefinity CNC, the Elite Series can be assembled very quickly. Everything is plug and play and only 12 bolts are required to assemble the Onefinity (8 bolts to fasten the X-Axis to the Y-Axis and 4 to attach the Z-20 (Z-slide). Once your machine is fastened together, just mount your display and screw the Y-Axis to your table or QCW. Most customers are carving in less than an hour!



Using a custom designed extrusion that is engineered to be rigid and self-supporting without the need for a table to prevent sag, the QCW is a great addition to the Onefinity Elite Series. The Onefinity CNC is designed to be used by simply bolting it to a solid table, however, some customers don’t have the time or desire to build or source a solid table. The Onefinity QCW is solid enough to be used on any surface due to its rigid custom extrusions and wobble-free leveling feet. With the use of the QCW, you do not need to worry if your surface is level and flat. Note: All QWC’s come with leveling feet and a set of Oops Clamps.


When combined with the amazing QCW, users can quickly and easily add very solid Fixed or Rolling - Folding legs. Turn your Onefinity CNC into a stand alone money maker. Don’t waste time and money building a flat table when you can use that time to make awesome things! The innovative design of the Onefinity give you the option to easily add a solid, compact table that can be moved from one location to another. In addition, the unique design allows you to place your vacuum and other things right underneath, saving a lot of space.



Looking to maximize the powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motors and possibly adding an 80mm spindle? If so, the X-50 Stiffy upgrade is for you. You will not find a more rigid, powerful, precise and speedy CNC in this price range.


7, 14, 24, and 44 WATT LASER (OPTIONAL)

The Onefinity CNC offers you the ability to quickly add a quality J-Tech laser that is completely plug and play. Many of our customers create mind blowing carves using their Onefinity CNC, but if you really want to set yourself apart from the crowd add some “freakin’ laser beams.”



Onefinity’s quick and easy set up allows us to do something no other company can; Each machine is fully assembled, thoroughly inspected and tested, which includes performing an actual test carve. Your machine is then packaged for shipping along with the test carved “Team Onefinity” sign . No other CNC company can ensure your machine is at its highest quality before leaving the factory. They may test parts of the machine, but don’t be fooled, they don’t test the full machine.



The Onefinity Elite Series Tool Setter is a semi automatic tool offset probe that makes it easy to run jobs using multiple tools without the need to stop and re-zero manually.

The XYZ Probe allows you to quickly and precisely zero your CNC's X, Y, and Z axis


With a community growing at more than twice the rate of our closest competitors, the Onefinity community prides itself on being supportive, helpful, with a wealth of resources including how-to videos and informative blogs. With very knowledgeable community members and administrators, you will have access to many helpful creators and makers at all hours of the day and night. Onefinity has over 70,000 members across our forums, Facebook group, Instagram and YouTube channels. Watch a number of exciting educational series such as Morgan Hop’s “Onefinity University,” Hamilton Dilbeck’s “Maketember” and Two Moose Design’s “5 Projects to Make and Sell” along with many others. You will find an abundance of resources and help to ensure you are successful and productive with your Onefinity.



All Onefinity Elite machines include a 1-year subscription to the full-featured 3D design and machining program Carveco Maker. Featuring easy-to-use design tools and the ability to create highly accurate, dependable toolpaths, Carveco Maker is a powerful CAD/CAM program providing you the ability to create virtually anything your imagination desires. Whether you’re a weekend maker, traditional craftsman, or brand new to working with a CNC router, Carveco Maker provides you with all the tools you need to create high-quality 2D and 3D products quickly and easily.

Already have CAD/CAM software you like? No problem! The Onefinity accepts standard G-code, so you can use your preferred software.



When you purchase a Onefinity CNC you can be confident that it will grow with you and your CNC journey. When you purchase a Onefinity you’ll have the ability to upgrade to a larger size or add any accessory no matter what version Onefinity you have. Via the revolutionary IPP (Infinite Possibilities program), when upgrading a Onefinity, a discount is given when you return parts you no longer require. We take these returned parts and refurbish them, pair them with other returned parts to complete a fully functional Onefinity CNC. We then use these units to help Veterans, Schools and Maker Spaces. We are very proud of this program ! The IPP Program first started with the Journeyman and X-50 Woodworker upgrades allowing users to quickly expand the size of their machine. We are now proud to announce that a kit will be available allowing you to upgrade your existing Onefinity machine to become part of the Elite class. Upgrade now!


General Disclaimer: While Onefinity has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product specifications, configurations, system/component/options availability are all subject to change without notice. Product design specifications and colours are subject to change without notice and may vary from those shown. Errors and omissions excepted. Images displayed are for illustration purposes only. The images are intended to help illustrate the product and it’s functions and are not indicative of actual relative differences.


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Can the Elite Journeyman be mounted on your rolling stand and can it be mounted on the wall mount?

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