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Introducing the new Onefinity ELITE Series, Powered by MASSO

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The Onefinity Elite Series is one of the most advanced CNC lines on the market today. Featuring powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motors, “Z-20” heavy duty Z-slider, rigid, high precision, hardened steel linear motion shafts, a massive 15” touch display and one of the most advanced CNC controllers available. All this while maintaining our industry leading, user-friendly design with quick and simple set-up. No other CNC on the market can do what the Onefinity Elite Series can do!

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Re-inventing the CNC Experience!

Onefinity changed the CNC experience, first by inventing the quick and easy set-up and pioneering linear rails and ball screws at a price makers and small businesses could afford. This forced many manufacturers to abandon plastic wheels and rubber belts. We then revolutionized accessories for small shops with products like the Rolling - Folding Stand, Wall Mount and Use Anywhere QCW. Now, Onefinity is trailblazing affordable production CNC’s with our Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider), X-50 Stiffy, “Anti-Skip” Closed Loop Stepper Motors and the most advanced CNC Controller on the market; our Onefinity MASSO! Purchasing a CNC for your business has never been more affordable and reliable!


Onefinity Elite Series, What you get:

Advanced, custom designed, Onefinity MASSO Touch

Massive 15-inch high definition industrial capacitive touch LED screen

Rigid, high precision, hardened steel, linear motion Shafts

High speed, long travel, Z-20 heavy duty Z-Slider

Powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motors

Infrared homing sensors with auto squaring

Fast travel, precision ball screws on all axis

Conveniently located Emergency Stop

Plug and Play wiring supported by drag chains

Wi-Fi enabled

Built in Auto on/off router outlet

Built in Auto on/off Vacuum outlet

Plug and play XYZ Probe (optional)

Plug and play Tool Setter (optional)

Power Loss Recovery

Jump to Line

Continuous and incremental jogging via touch screen

Feed Rate Override - Adjust feed rate during a carve

Multiple Work offsets (G54-G59)

Micro Tramming

Quick and easy setup - start carving in under an hour

Solid, self supporting QCW with leveling feet (optional)

X-50 Stiffy (optional)

User friendly design

7, 12 & 24 watt Laser (optional—plug and play)

Fixed or Rolling - Folding Stand with wobble free leveling feet (optional)

Rotary Support

Spindle support with on board controls

Each unit fully production tested with a test carve to ensure proper functionality and quality

A large “how to” library with a very helpful and supportive community

Powerful Carveco Maker Advanced 3D Cad Software (1 year subscription)

And much more…



With rails comprised of beefy, high-precision, hardened steel, linear motion shafts, precision machined gantry blocks and rail ends, both made from aerospace grade aluminum, sealed, high load, linear bearings and a heavy-duty Z-Slider composed of ½” thick aluminum plates and 20mm solid, linear motion shafts, the Onefinity Elite Series is rock solid!


Each axis come standard with quality ball screws for the utmost precision. Sealed bearings to ensure smooth, maintenance free motion. Powerful, “anti-skip,” closed-loop stepper motors for accurate, risk-free carves. Assembly time is minimal with many of our customers up and carving in less than one hour!



One of the many benefits of the Onefinity Elite Series is that you will never lose or skip steps. With infrared homing sensors and powerful closed loop “anti-skip” stepper motors, the chances of destroying an expensive piece of material or losing hours of carve time is dramatically reduced. In addition, the Onefinity Elite Series maximizes safety with auto stop/pause alarms. For example, if a collision occurs the machine will stop in place, turn off the router and vacuum and an alarm will be given. To resume simply remove or reposition the obstruction and home the machine. You will then be able to restart the carve in the exact spot it stopped with just a tap of the screen. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds!


The Onefinity MASSO Touch, with a massive 15” HD capacitive LED touch screen, is a powerful stand-alone CNC controller with fully integrated hardware and software. Running your CNC off of a tethered laptop in a dusty shop environment is cumbersome, problematic, impractical and an added expense. With the Onefinity MASSO you can enjoy all the features and perks of a powerful PC-less controller at the touch of your fingertips.

With a Conveniently located emergency stop switch, plug and play Tool Setter, XYZ Probe, Laser and full support for a Spindle, all with direct on screen controls the Onefinity MASSO is a Very advanced CNC for an incredible, unmatched price.

The Onefinity Masso also supports a MPG handwheel and a Rotary attachment!



The Onefinity MASSO is the most stable, reliable and easy-to-use CNC controller money can buy. Escape the reliability issues of PC-based controllers, which are vulnerable to external design flaws, incompatible software updates and viruses. With the Onefinity MASSO you get fully integrated hardware and software specifically designed to run your Onefinity CNC machine completely independent of a PC.

Features include:

Great immunity to electromagnetic noise via differential signals

Simple, easy-to-use screen layout

Tool path display so you can see and position your carve in real time


Jog while paused

Power Loss Recovery

Jump To Line

Continuous and incremental jogging via touch screen

Feed Rate Override - Adjust feed rate during a carve

Spindle RPM Override - Adjust the Spindle RPM during a carve

Multiple Work offsets (G54-G59)

And much more...



The Elite Z-20 (Z-Slider) is a powerful, rigid and speedy heavy duty Z-slider. Offering great speed, torque and precision due to the 1610 ball screw and powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motor, along with a large range of motion, the Z-20 is a solid Z-slider.

Elite Z-20 Heavy Duty Z-Slider Features:

Powerful “anti-skip” closed loop stepper motors

Large 20mm solid, linear rail shafts maximizing rigidity

Sealed, high-load, linear bearings

1610 ball screw for increased speeds

160mm (6 1/2”) of total travel distance

4 mounting positions

65mm and 80mm spindle mount options

Provisions for mounting a Laser and other accessories

Built in Suckit Dust Boot Mounts

Thick precision machined back plates